International information and training on HIV and AIDS

International information and training on HIV and AIDS

Globally, homosexual guys along with other males who possess sex with males (described throughout these pages as ‘men that have intercourse with guys’ or ‘MSM’) are 27 times more prone to get HIV compared to the basic populace.1 brand brand New diagnoses among this team are increasing in a few areas – by having a 17% boost in Western and Central Europe and a growth of 8% in the united states between 2010 and 2014.2

In 2017, males who possess intercourse with men accounted for 57percent of brand new HIV infections in Western Europe and the united states, 41% in Latin America therefore the Caribbean, 25% in Asia together with Pacific while the Caribbean, 20% in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as the Middle East and North Africa, as well as a believed 12% in Western and Central Africa.3

In around 25 nations, 15% of males that have intercourse with men, or higher, are coping with HIV.4 In Mauritania, its estimated that as much as 45% of males that have sex with males are HIV-positive, the nation using the HIV prevalence that is highest among males who possess intercourse with males in the field.5

Some countries have actually modern attitudes and policies homosexuality that is regarding the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. In Latin America, Western Europe, Central Europe and united states, numerous nations are making progress that is significant recognising the legal rights of LGBTQ people and permit wedding or civil unions between folks of exactly the same intercourse.6 7

Nevertheless, nearly all Africa, combined with center East and Russia, continues to ignore and abuse the peoples liberties of males who possess intercourse with men.8 Punitive rules that criminalise activity that is same-sex 67 countries drive this population underground, elevating their chance of HIV and preventing them from accessing medical, including HIV services.9

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